I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy . . . Where?

Sunday, December 11, 2011 Posted by Joline

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This morning, nursing a sinus infection, I sat down to write about joy, and all I could think of was a children's song. You know the one.

"I've got the (insert fruit of the spirit here, and repeat 4x's) down in my heart."

Which made me pause.

On a women's retreat a few weeks back we were strongly encouraged to go on a negativity fast until Christmas.

In the sermon last week, the Pastor cautioned us about having an overly complaining spirit, sharing that of course it is necessary to cry out to God, but that often we get into a habit of complaining to everyone BUT God.

We have so many outlets by which to spout-off these days.


In a few clicks, we have the ability to share a glimpse of our what resides in our hearts. 

Do we share joy?

Communicating joy, in the midst of life - which hands us inconveniences like my head-cold, is not ignoring hardship. Communicating joy reveals, once again, (yes, I'm going there) that Joy is not merely an emotion, but a PERSON. A person in whom I HOPE. A person who LOVES me like no other. 

Communicate it. Give it. SHARE JOY. I guarantee that by doing so, even your heart will be changed. For perhaps it is in the action of BEING a joy to others that actually REMINDS us of the very JOY that we already possess.

In fact, I feel a bit better already.

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