Joy. It Does a Life Good.

Sunday, December 11, 2011 Posted by Joline

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One of my least favorite prayers goes something like this, "Jesus, we pray that you would be with us."

Perhaps I completely caught/claimed the truth that He will "never leave you nor forsake you" when I first met the Lord at the age of 16, for I have never doubted His presence with me. Sure, there have been deserts of silence, disappointments, relational tensions, and fear. There have been houses that must get sold, financial hardship, a husband battling depression, and a child working through anxiety. Heck, there have been bad days and circumstances that have caused pain and sadness. Life. 

I don't try to compete with others about "stuff", but, suffice it to say, we've had some. You've had some. Everyone has had some.Only, through it all, I've never felt the need to pray "Lord, please be with me," opting for "Thank you, Lord, for being present with me."

Because He is. 

And if He is, so is Hope, Love, and JOY. Sure, I may not feel joyful, but that doesn't make it any less present. Especially if we believe that He is JOY.

We all have memory lapses, but let me remind you that JOY came with the original package.

So, as you pray, thank Him for the JOY that He is. The JOY that lives in you. Sure, tell him you're not quite feeling it right now, (believe it or not, many are missing JOY this time of year), but as you pray remember that JOY has already been given to you. Perhaps in all the clutter of life it needs to be unwrapped and rediscovered, but it's there.

Drink it up. He IS a full cuppa JOY.

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