Hope Is A Person

Sunday, November 27, 2011 Posted by Joline

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Meet Hope.

No, really. MEET Him.

"Hope, this is ____________. _______________, this is Hope."

It's one thing to know ABOUT someone. But to actually KNOW them, is an entirely different story.

In 1 Timothy 1:1, Paul refers to Jesus as "our hope". While other versions may translate this as "who gives us hope", I prefer the latter.

Jesus is Our Hope. For salvation, naturally: the forgiveness of our sins and thus reconciliation with God. I don't think that any of us professing a belief in Our Hope, struggle with this truth.

It's the belief that He is indeed Our Hope for 365-day living that gives us pause and proves challenging. In the midst of brokenness, disappointment, fear, strained relationships, uncertainty, and, well, you fill in the blank as to where you are struggling, we lack hope. Only, we don't lack Hope.

For isn't that the crux? That at times we we cater to a disbelief that the Person of Jesus Christ is indeed present in the midst of our struggle?

Time for a re-calibration. Rather than thinking that hope is something we need - a destination, let us walk as if we truly believe that Hope is THE Someone we already have. Within us. Beside us. In front of us. Leading us forward in the midst of difficulty. Remember, this Hope will not sink.

Hope is a Person. And He is here.

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