Hope Floats

Sunday, November 27, 2011 Posted by Joline

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Expectation. Trust. Promise. Anticipation.

It's hard to live these words if one feels as if they are always sinking. And let's be honest, a drowning spirit is a difficult terrain to fight.

Thus, we look for tools to save us. People. Material items. Change of life circumstance. However, what happens when humans, stuff, and life leave us feeling empty? Or, in some cases - HEAVIER - thus pulling us farther under at an increased rate of speed.

There is only ONE Life-Preserver that floats and has the miraculous ability to remain above all the rough waters we tread. 

But, until we clue in to the fact that Hope is a person, to which we can cling, we'll keep looking for something else to come to our aid. 

Meet Hope. Meet Expectation. Meet Trust. Meet Anticipation.

He knows you. Do you know Him? Hang on tight.

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