May I Have This Dance?

Saturday, September 03, 2011 Posted by Katie

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When the walk of faith is more like a dance, ya gotta find some great dance partners to help keep you moving to the music. You need someone who can boldly sashay, shimmy and shake to the tunes of the big “D.J.” upstairs. You need a partner who can keep in rhythm with music while they respond to and anticipate your moves. But the most exciting dance partners, the ones you really want to seek out, are those who delightfully run the risk of occasionally, and unexpectedly, breaking out some freelance movements of their own, taking your faith in a direction you never saw coming.

I know such a dancer. He is three and lives down the hall from me. Thanks to Sandra Boyton (“Banana” song, anyone?), and our evening dance parties, I know the kid has got rhythm. He can also do more than just sashay, shimmy and shake. He can already respond and anticipate my moves to the music. I know this because I’m a cunning and wise mama, and I’ve been teaching my unsuspecting Noah the likes of the Foxtrot, Swing, Twist, Charleston and Waltz too. And can the boy freelance? Oh yeah…with a fervor reminiscent of Elaine from Seinfeld.

Noah seems to think faith is just a big a dance party too. I figured, as he got old enough to begin to understand his faith heritage, we would have a kind of teacher-student thing going on. I mean, how lucky is my kid that his mama is a seminary-educated, retired youth pastor??

But when we start talking about faith, it’s as if Noah can hear music. We share a little back-and-forth as we “dance”. And as you might have guessed, while I’ve tried to impart my “educated” dance moves, I’ve been surprised to discover something unexpected and delightful.

Noah is a cunning and wise little shorty.

The shorty has been teaching his unsuspecting mama some new moves across the dance floor of faith. And this week, I’ll share them with you. Get your soft shoes ready.

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