Forgive My Father

Thursday, June 19, 2014 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Lord, please tell me it isn’t true, that it’s a mistake. Please. They can’t have lost their second pregnancy. Who would be better parents? They love You SO much. It’s just wrong. It's horribly unfair.

I know, My Child, I know. My Heart breaks for them, too.

Lord…I don’t want to ask this but, did You…

No, I did not cause this.

But You allowed it. You could have prevented it.



You can tell Me. I already know, but you need to say it and bring it into My Light.

God, I am SO VERY ANGRY WITH YOU! [collapses in sobs] But I feel guilty about it because it’s not okay to be angry with You.

It is more than okay to be angry with Me. I am a big God. I can take it. I will never leave you, even when you are angry, even when you sin in your anger. I want you to bring Me everything—every hope, every joy, every pain, every betrayal, every question.

No, I’m done with questions. I asked them all with the first loss. Now I want answers, for them.

Their answers in this circumstance are not yours to have, nor to give. Your friends will come to Me when they are ready and I will give them what they need.

I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall here…

I’m glad you are not. But, there is something you need to do, My Child.

You mean besides sit here and stew?

Yes. You need to forgive Me.

Forgive YOU? But You didn’t do anything wrong. You are GOD. You’re Sovereign. There’s nothing to forgive.

I did not do what you asked and that hurts you. If you don’t forgive Me there will always be a place in your heart I won’t be able to reach, no matter how much you forgive others and yourself. I never want there to be anything between us. Will you see your need and forgive Me?

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