Surprise! Life

Thursday, March 27, 2014 Posted by Debbie Legg

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I like to plan, to order my day and week and cross items off my To Do list.

God, however, is usually not a fan of my plans. My organizational skills seem to leave little room for surprise, for…well…


Crossing things off my list brings a sense of achievement, but it doesn’t bring life. The little surprises bring life, ARE life.

The small child wants to snuggle. Surprise! Life!
The teenager feels like chatting for half an hour past bedtime. Surprise! Life!
The husband has to make a quick trip to town and takes his wife along for lunch. Surprise! Life!
A friend needs to talk just as you are heading out the door. Surprise! Life!

Surprise comes in myriad ways, in tiny moments almost missed (sunshine on a snowflake, the toothless grin of a six year-old), and in larger moments of community and grandeur (tree buds barely emerged yet filling in gaps between winter branches, laughter at a funeral). It comes in the mundane (a kitty’s arched back prepared for petting) and the miraculous (a smile that finally reaches their eyes).

Busy destroys life in pursuit of it. Surprise can’t be scheduled. It is a result of being, of life in the moment, of seeing our incredible world and amazing lives through holy lenses.

Surprise! Life.

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