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Thursday, March 20, 2014 Posted by Unknown

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“Line upon line, line upon line. . .” (Isaiah 28:10b)
            The stretch of interstate between Redding and our state capital can be tiresome with the flatness of rice fields and barren land in between small communities. The one hidden delight is tucked away about 50 miles shy of Sacramento, especially early dawn or near dusk. It’s not just in our region this instinctive act of nature takes place, but because of the wildlife refuge, we are privy to the formation of hundreds of geese.
            How do they know to do what they do? And why do they do it? Two main reasons: it conserves their energy, and it's easy to keep track of every bird in the group.
            I think of the same thing when it comes to my walk with the Lord. When I keep up my daily time with God, I conserve energy—I don’t worry as much, blow as many “frustration” fuses, and I’m not wasting as much time on things that run me in circles, so to speak.
            The keeping track is harder to do for a lot of us with so many spiritual things available on line through social media, live-streaming, or down-loading capabilities. Why is itso important to attend church, a Bible study, home group, or any other kind of gathering with like-minded?
          Did you ever see a pelican flying with the geese? (Now there’s a sight that we over look in our wandering off.) We need our own physical formation in order to keep track of each other. Find out what the needs of the group are: who is sick and weak needing to be carried a while. Who could use travel means, food, shelter, or clothing? A hug, prayer, or a simple “how are you, today?”
            The beauty of the body of Christ comes best when we align ourselves to work together. For, “Two are better than one, . . . For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. . . And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10 & 12)  Let's come together and worship in the house of the Lord this weekend. See you there! :)

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