Measuring Up

Sunday, February 23, 2014 Posted by Katie

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Every year at about this time, I end up checking the calendar to see whether there is a 29th of February. I can never remember. Anyone else?

Before you go checking, if you didn't know already, there isn't one for 2014. No Leap Year this year. I bring it up only to say this:

We have some funny measurements, don't we?

Every four years we add a day in February.
Every so often we add an hour to our day (or take one away).
Some of us measure things in units of 12. Others, use units of 10.

Measurements can be just plain weird.  

So too, in the Bible. When compared with the world, we believers can have some strange ways of measuring success, faith, victory, and love, among other things. This week, the Daily Fast Fuel gals will be serving up our thoughts about the unique measurements of the Kingdom, and how those measurements can hold promise for YOU. Read on, friends!

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