Cry Me a River

Tuesday, January 07, 2014 Posted by Lisa

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Lisa “Basura”, as she was known, became gravely ill in January 1988 and just a few short months later walked away from the One Physician and Healer with the ability to completely restore her.

Instead of receiving the One known cure, she went against all advice and pursued a dangerous doctor who only practiced in darkness. Now blinded herself because of the lack of Light, Lisa drank poisonous elixirs of self-centeredness, promiscuity, adultery, pride, pornography, drunkenness, rage, debauchery, vanity – all which lead to the death of her baby which she did not mourn.

It was only when she reached for the potion labeled prostitution did a faint light turn on.  We thought for sure she had reached her end, even with her hand extended on that very vile. Unfortunately for many, she lived and suffered a total relapse, infecting everyone she came into contact with.

Somehow, the old bat refused to die.  We believe it might have been a side effect of stubbornness. At one point Lisa denied she had ever received a terminal diagnosis from the One Physician. She called Him a fake and a fraud and doubted she had ever known Him.

Months flew off the calendar and years passed where Lisa deceived herself, denying her illness. Happy on the outside, she was tormented internally. She filled her days and nights with elixirs of lust, lies and anger, often soaking in alcohol to numb the pain.

Much to the surprise of many, Lisa carried on but nights eventually turned restless and bottles of booze no longer quieted the demons. Sleeplessness hurried her thought patterns; days became unsettled as confusion clouded her work days. She became chronically worried and anxious -- her heart drowning in the burden.  We all knew she wouldn't last much longer but no one was quite prepared for the morning she never returned to work.

Lisa passed this life drowned in the Tears of Repentance River, Sunday, November 14th 1999. Not one person mourns her loss.

The Physician threw a large party to celebrate her death. Angels danced on streets of Gold.

Thank God!

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