Sit Down you're Rocking the Boat

Monday, December 30, 2013 Posted by Sara

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But if you stand up,
you might just walk on water.

I love the beginning of a new year.  
A new deposit of hope.
A fresh start.  

This is prime dreaming time for me.  And I've got some BIG ones going into this year.  

Watching my five-year-old nephew building things this Christmas with his assortment of legos had me questioning my tinkering tendencies.  I had this realization that just as my nephew loves tinkering and building with blocks - I too love tinkering and building - but with ideas, strategies and structures.  I think innovation might just be one of my love languages.  

But it's one thing to dream about how to bring new innovations into my classroom, for instance, or in getting a book published, or renovating a home - then to actually stand up and do it.  

Pursuing dreams sometimes means you have to stand up and rock the boat a little - or a lot. 
Pursuing dreams sometimes means you have to entertain the impossible as possible, long enough to get that foot out onto the water. 

And rocking the boat, or entertaining the impossible, are not always the easy route to take.

Confession:  I want to live a life "leaning on my beloved."  To actually make decisions and actions based on the belief that there is an Almighty God co-laboring with me, wanting to be a part of my life of dreams - ready to meet me in the journey.  Ready to meet me out on the water.
I don't want fear to keep me in the boat.
I want to be able to let go of things that seem to bring stability, but keep me from the fullness of life Christ died to give me.  

How about you?
What are you willing to rock the boat for?

Lord, I pray you would release a gift of faith to Your people this year.  Give clarity to our eyes for the dreams of this season.  Give courage to our hearts to trust You with the impossible.  And when all is said and done, take all the glory, Father - that the world would know who You are and the love you have for us, inviting us into a life filled with your wonders.

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