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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 Posted by Lisa

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When we first received our writing assignments I immediately thought, “What in the world? Tell my BIG dream? AND be honest?”

Somebody needs to tell me I have an option to run around naked on national television…during the Super Bowl. Get the idea? Me sharing my deepest, grandest dream would give you an insight into the shyest part of me…my heart.

[still stalling]

Dear goodness. Please. It would be so much easier to share a New Year’s Resolution.  After all, they are so much less scary because, well, everybody quits them at some point or other!

I will say this, the moment I read what we would be writing about, I felt God’s nudge. I felt Him essentially saying, “You’re not meant to chase this on your own. Others will come along side you. We will all cheer you on. But they cannot…if they know not.”

So here it goes.

Babies. The worlds’ babies. I want to hold them, love them, breathe in their air, snuggle them, help deliver them. I want to support the moms. I want to hold them, love them, breathe in their air, snuggle them, help deliver them too – together, as one. Because with the birth of an infant, comes the birth of a mother.

Small dream? Don’t worry, it gets bigger.

I have a strong personal belief that mother care and childbirth are a human rights issue. I promise I have made every attempt to dream within the United States of America but every time I do, God expands my perspective.  I see myself working with organizations like World Vision who are at this very moment, on the ground in places like Afghanistan, training young women on how to be midwives. (go read!)

I dream that one day I will be a missionary, using the skills I acquire here in the US over the next decade or two; I will find a little corner of the world, delivering babies and empowering their mothers, all while sharing the Love of Jesus with them.

That’s my heart.

Yikes. I’m gonna need a ton of cheering.

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