Miracles follow obedience

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Posted by Lisa

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“Happy birthday!” newness celebrates.

“That hat must have brought Frosty to life!” they say

Naysayer Professor snatches hopes, “Not yours!” says he.

“You saw it happen!” they exclaim.

“I saw nothing of the kind” his words deny.

“You silly children believe everything you see”, doubt planted by the twisted magician.

But the children know. They know what they saw. They know what they heard. Their faith unwavering.

Have you ever had a dream? A hope? A desire? A wish? Have you ever felt a calling on your life?  A nudge? A push? An unquenchable fire? Have you ever felt God move, stir, speak to your heart?  Did it sound unbelievable and scary and exciting all at the same time?

Have you ever pursued what you felt God placed in your path only to encounter naysayers and twisters of thoughts, dreams, words? Was your faith put to the test? Can you really trust what you heard? Especially when all is again silent?

“Did God really say?” (Gen 3:1)
“Are you really chosen?” (Mt 4: 1-11)
“There is no way you will ever succeed.” (Heb 11:6)

I do know an adult heart, which has experienced the disappointments of life, can become jaded, calloused and hard. It often takes a painful chisel in the hand of the Masterful Craftsman to chip away and reveal the hidden deep. It is usually when we see what work He has done that we begin to have childlike faith and believe in the life He has purposed us to live.

Naysayers will come in quiet criticism of inner voices, of well meaning friends, and doubting family. But if God has spoken to you, proclaimed “Happy Birthday!” and directed your path to pursue your dream in the life He has designed for you…then grab hold and never let go!

Even when God turns silent and you are seeing no fruit, go back to the last thing you heard Him say and press on. He will never leave you nor forsake you. (Dt 31:6)

Remember, miracles always happen on the other side of obedience.  

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