From Rudolph's Journal: Independent Together?

Thursday, December 05, 2013 Posted by Debbie Legg

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Somehow Hermey and I survived our first night of Independent Togetherness.   It’s scary out there!  And cold.  And wintery.  Did I mention it’s scary?

I’m the most scared when we hear the roar of the Abominable Snow Monster.  Last time we heard him, Hermey and I jumped into a snow bank to hide! 

Guess what happened next?  A man named Yukon Cornelius rode by on his dog sled and pulled us out!  He is loud and a little bossy, but he let us go with him AND saved us from the Abominable! 

I don’t know what Hermey and I would have done if Yukon hadn’t come by when he did.  It’s amazing how he was right there at the exact time we needed him!  He knows about surviving in the North and the “Bumble,” and we need someone, right now, who knows those exact things. 

I guess it’s kind of the same thing as in Christmastown, only smaller.  Kids need Santa, Santa needs the elves, the elves need the kids—everyone needs other people.  Every person (or reindeer) has something special that someone else needs. 

Or maybe it’s that every person IS something special that someone else needs. 

Yeah.  I like that.

But, I don’t know how anyone would ever need the Abominable Snow Monster… 

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