Party shoes? Do tell!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Posted by Lisa

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I really love this week so far and we're only on day two! Yesterday when I read Sara wrote about the ten lepers, I felt as if I had just received a gift to go on a shopping spree for shoes! (Oh I LOVE SHOES...) In other words, GRATEFUL.

Why the excitement? I had just finished my time of study and prayer when God had placed on my heart the story of the one thankful leper. I had confessed my occasional self-centered view and was determined not to be like the nine who walked away. So I asked God to please teach me how to remind my heart to be thankful. Soon after, I arrived at Daily Fast Fuel for a quick “bite” when BAM! Sara's blog post sounded as if God himself was saying, “Here ya go".

Want to know the fun part? I had been reflecting on verses of Thanksgiving in the Old Testament on how important it is to TELL others of what God has done. (read here). I was nowhere NEAR the Gospels. Yet God in His extraordinary mystery wove a tapestry of thought and curiosity in my spirit to dig deeper. He already knew my heart’s desire and prepared a soft landing spot for me, right here.

Sounds kinda crazy, right? That's just it! Telling someone you were talking to THE Creator of this massive universe SHOULD sound crazy and the fact He answers in the most unexpected ways SHOULD sound a bit cray-cray to a secular world!

What's even more outrageous is that WHEN our hearts seek the Lord, He fills us to overflowing with gratitude where we sing, or shout, or squeal, or do the happy dance…in a new pair of shoes. (Did I mention I love shoes?) The point is, when we have our Jesus encounters DO thank Him for his goodness and generosity but also TELL. It is in the sharing, lives are changed but it is in the telling that God gets all the credit, all the glory.

Go get your party shoes on. We have some celebrating to do!

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