The Changing Colors of Seasons: An Announcement from Joline

Sunday, September 08, 2013 Posted by Joline

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It's Fall.

Well, perhaps it still feels hot outside, but in terms of activities and responsibilities, Fall has come. And with it, some huge changes for me.

When I first proposed Daily Fast Fuel to my fellow crop of writers, we had no idea we'd still be here two years later - sharing our personal nuggets with you everyday. I had dreamed of a site and a co-op of writers like this for some time. And now, it was really happening. You can read my very first post here.

Fast forward to today, and this announcement.

Don't worry. Daily Fast Fuel will be continuing . . . (I could sense your blood pressure rising and your heart beating faster). We're not going anywhere.

However, I am.

Sometimes, it's necessary for the creator of something to take a step back when they feel their words are becoming forced, and a bit stale. And, as of late, as the heat of Summer hit my back, and the newness of Fall has been ushered in, I have felt called to step away from writing for Daily Fast Fuel.

There's my new stint as a home-schooling mom.
A new play in the works. (Love, Loss, and What I Wore.)
I have a new 7th grader. (Uncharted territory)
Karate. Youth Group. Indoor floor hockey.
A, (gulp), job.
And a desire to give a bit more time to my personal blog where I write on everything from my kids to Confessions of a Pastor's Wife.

My season has changed. And just as one switches out the wardrobe for a new climate - which comes with longer sleeves and a change of colors, I am, in a sense, switching my self out for a time . . . a time.

Daily Fast Fuel won't go away - for DFF is not ME. It involves many writers, and, in fact, we will be choosing a replacement for my part very soon. And, perhaps, as my vision has expanded, we will branch into a new look, and maybe a larger writing pool . . .

This period of stepping away will be a good one.

I'll be investing this season in the book of Daniel.

And thus, I leave you with Daniel 2:21. (Don't be fearful of change . . . everyone needs to try a new color and a new look from time to time. Thanks for understanding!)

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