Crisp and Clean

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Posted by Katie

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When Fall starts to roll in, we all begin to talk about the crisp, clean air. I just love it!

I was thinking lately, though, what a strange idea this was… “crisp and clean” cold air. It’s crisp, alright, but what exactly makes it clean?

In a spiritual sense, Fall is the season of change. It is the season when live things begin to die. How is that clean?

When we look at what it takes to follow Jesus, I think we begin to understand. All things will be made new. In order for that to happen, certain things must die first. Old habits, tendencies, thoughts, responses, choices…they must die away FIRST before new things can come alive in their place.

In the spiritual season of Fall, there are things that must fall away, so that you can be made into a new creation. Crisp and clean.

So that ultimately, when Winter comes, your sins (those old habits, tendencies, thoughts, responses, choices) will be far removed from you. And though your sins may have been red as scarlet, they will become white as snow. (Isaiah 1:18)

It begins with crisp and clean. A nice little chill in the air. So grab your favorite sweater, enjoy some s’mores by a bonfire with a friend, and snuggle in to enjoy the cold of change. This is the beginning of new life.


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