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Sunday, August 11, 2013 Posted by Joline

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Tina. My first acting Coach.
Liz. Introduced me to Jesus.
Summar. First taught me how to walk with Him.
Roger. My favorite college professor, who did nothing but encourage my abilities.
Cathy. Nurtured me as an actress.
Kristin. Prayed with me weekly. For years. And years.
Donna. I'd never directed a show before. She hired me. To direct "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the college level. I slept-walked/choreographed for months. But it got done. Well.
Eileen. Knew I could teach. And hired me even though I'd never taught.
Marcie. Knew I would be a strong private acting coach, before I ever realize it myself.
Kim. Walked me through a tough time in motherhood. Pointed me towards God's word and her very own story. Wish I had gotten to know her year's earlier.
Stacey. THE friend who ALWAYS listened/partnered with me. Although we are apart, I am forever her "Jo". Seriously made me feel incredibly special. Total Thelma and Louise friend.
Chalene. Only met her one time. And briefly. But her workouts and personal development courses reignited my desire to reach some personal dreams that I'd let evaporate, and showed me that those things which I considered unattainable were actually in my grasp. If I learned how to manage myself well.
Heather. Hired me to write. For a real blog. For a paycheck. 
Angie, Katie, Alyssa. Current ears. And voices of love, challenge, and wisdom. And laughter.
Janet. Played a role in saving me from the direction I was headed. Partner. Cagney and Lacey (although we are better looking and more fit.) 
Nathan. Arrived out of nowhere to build me up in to the leader I didn't know existed within me.

Do you have teachers? Coaches? Mentors?
Those that inspire, confront, encourage, question, and love you through ALL OF IT? And aren't afraid to tell you when you've made a boo-boo?

I do. If you don't, please read this post on my personal blog, and pray about WHO the Lord has placed in your life to be a trusted EAR and VOICE in your life.

We all need people like the ones I've listed here.

This post?

Easiest one I've ever written.

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