Giving Towards

Sunday, June 09, 2013 Posted by Joline

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Caution, lest this post be considered "the rich man, boasting of his riches", I will be leaving out some details this week.

For the lesson is more important than the specific actions I've been able to take this year.

We've always had an on again/off again relationship with tithing.

Because we've always struggled with money. For several reasons. One of which being mis-management. And while I'm still not perfect at managing money, and I blow it from time to time, (Did I really need to buy that? Did we really need  to eat out?), we have improved greatly.


Because I decided I wanted to give more. I saw need. I wanted to "make more so I could give more." I prayed that God would give me the ability to "give without over-thinking", not with reckless abandon, but with . . . abandon. I wanted the experience of not having to stop, check my accounts, figure out if giving would be the "right thing to do", and miss the moment of just handing over some of my "haves" to those who had "need". I changed my thinking. No longer did I want to give "away". I wanted to give "towards."

He blessed me with this in January and February. Towards a specific family. There was absolutely no question in my mind that God was answering my prayer. I was to give towards their need. And boy was I feeling joyful about it. For one of the first times ever.

And not only did the experience help cover some financial needs for this family, it also served to develop a new friendship that I didn't think would ever exist.

That's important to note. For my giving financially towards a need, did not result in my being given more of the same . . . no, God blessed me with something deeper.

New friends.


 And receive.

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