Winter Thaw

Monday, May 27, 2013 Posted by Joline

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January 2013. Winter. In more ways than one. 

A number of relational hiccups sent me into a "winter of discontent", the likes of which I have never experienced. The pain was deep. And meandered back and forth between a chill that hurt to the core, and one that left me numb and paralyzed.

Although resolution was sought, and even received, the freeze penetrated so deeply, that it remained stalwart. I couldn't shake it. 

For months.

Ice stood its ground like mighty bergs. Solid and unrelenting. Immovable. Impenetrable. 

I know my Father, however.

And for as many times as I prayed for release, and it didn't come, I knew, in time it would. 

Spring just wasn't ready to make it's appearance. I had to wait. Had to keep trusting that God would bring about the thaw I was seeking.

Only God can melt away "always winter and never Christmas."

I am thankful for the frozen tundra that stood its ground for 4, almost 5 months - even though it had such an incredible stronghold upon me. I am thankful, because I knew that my cries for God for release, were indeed being heard, and would indeed be answered.

It is here where I pray for you, reader. That you would know the character of your Lord so intimately, that even in the midst of icy trials, you would know that He, in His time, and in His way, can melt even the most stubborn of situations.

One blow of His warm breath, and the splinters and shards of ice and shame that have remained for days, months or years, are gone. Erased. 

Just. Like. That. 

Even though it may take time, Spring is always on the way.

But one would never appreciate Spring, unless they first experience Winter.

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