Spring Showers

Thursday, May 09, 2013 Posted by Sara

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"Pray to God for rain—it’s time for the spring rain— to God, the rainmaker, Spring thunderstorm maker, maker of grain and barley." Zechariah 10:1 (The Message)

Winters in Redding are rainy. My first January here it rained almost everyday.  (Not a walk in the park for this teacher's aide at the time who had to manage indoor recess with a herd of Kindergarteners) Spring, though, is a coveted season.  It marks the beginning of moderate temperatures and a reprieve from the storms.  This year summer seems to be creeping up on us irritatingly early.  The temperature is already rising and we wonder if the cool spring breezes are finishing up their stay.

So when the rain came this week, it was refreshing.

Spring is a season of new beginnings, fresh starts, and planting new seeds.  But sometimes in the midst of the new - the rain comes.  It's intention is not to discourage or distract, but to nourish the new growth. But sometimes when it rains on our "fresh start" parade - we feel discouraged.

Right now I'm venturing into some new things in my classroom.  Projects and plans with my students that have me both excited for the new and a little fearful of the storms we we weather in the process.  I'm breaking out of the box of how I generally teach and truly looking to the Lord to lead our final hurrah of the year.  Students are working on projects about what makes them come alive and they are going to share these items with their parents by enacting a story I wrote many months ago.  I'm taking what makes me come alive (writing) and merging with what makes them come alive and we are creating a new thing, none of us have done before.

The challenges we've faced in past few weeks are like little rainclouds, not always what I look forward to working through, but all of them leading me to tuck myself into Jesus more and more like a seed in good soil, trusting Him for this new season.

And everyday, I wonder what He might be growing.

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