Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Posted by Katie

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Do you ever carry more baggage out your front door than the day calls for? I do. (News Flash: weight lifting of this kind does not make you stronger and can be a real drag.)

I have a 20th High School Reunion coming up in April. I bought my tickets the other day, and I’ll be honest, the weight I sometimes carry  when I think about High School made me hesitate before I clicked “purchase”. You see, for me, High School was Boarding School. And Boarding School hit immediately following a cataclysmic event in my life so transformative that I can easily define my life by it. There is my life before we moved to Colombia. And then there is my life after we evacuated. This event (which you may remember reading about here) caused some pretty painful ripple effects that have taken years to unpack, digest and fully comprehend. The biggest of those ripples shook my life during boarding school, amounting to many insecurities, mistakes, and poor choices. There is a big part of me that harbors some anxiety when I consider revisiting the landmark of ground zero, so-to-speak.

On the other hand, there is a big part of me that remembers what I was given back then. St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, Virginia saw me at my most vulnerable, but it gave me one of my most valued strengths: my love of learning. Despite my desire to avoid ground zero, I am still drawn to it because of the mark my school made on who I have become since then.

I think this is where I’m at with God sometimes, and why I cherish Grace so very much. Isaiah 43:25 says that God “remembers your sins no more”. I imagine that would be like going to a reunion and having people only remember the awesome stuff. No extra baggage. No bad memories. No regret. Just warm-hearted remembrance and an opportunity to reconnect and rebuild relationships that, perhaps, were once lost.

Are you tracking with me?

How long has it been since you and God had good times? Five years? Twenty? Are you open to a reunion? Rest assured, God’s Grace is amazing enough, that if you ask Him to, He really will only remember the awesome stuff about you. Maybe somehow you know this and that is why you are still drawn to connecting. Maybe, a part of you recognizes that God gave you one of your most valued strengths, and no matter what mistakes you have made, His gift has still left its mark on you.

Maybe…it’s time for a REUNION. No baggage. No bad memories. No regrets.

Just relationship. And a wee little celebration. (Luke 15:11-32)

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