A Faith Tale

Thursday, January 24, 2013 Posted by Sara

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Once upon a time…

A gentle, but powerful King reigned over a great Kingdom.  At first, all of his citizens chose to build their homes right next to his.  The King enjoyed his days strolling along the paths with his beloved people.

But one day a stranger showed up in town spreading horrible rumors about the King – rumors that he was quite mean, and was withholding good things from them. 

Their distrust of him led the people to break the laws of the Kingdom – laws meant for their good.    And with all their law breaking, despite his great love for his people, they were forced to leave the Kingdom and a great curse fell keeping them from entering again.  Over the years he watched as the people built homes further and further away.

His heart longed for the old days, when he could be with his people in the paths of his Kingdom.  Had they forgotten him with all their moving away?  He would have to wait for the perfect time, but he had a plan for getting them back. 

After many years, the King’s son was sent out to find the King’s people.  He would tell them again of the gentle, loving , and powerful King. He would tell them how much the King still loved them – and had made a way for them to get back in the Kingdom. Some hearts were stirred by the son, some were angered.  The son fell in love with the people, just like the King had.  He knew how the King’s heart hurt to be with them again.

The stranger who had wielded his rumors releasing the curse, discovered the King had let his son come to the place where the people dwelt.  He laughed at the thought, for surely it would be easy to get rid of the King’s only son – then who could come remind them of the King and the Kingdom?

So the stranger laid a plan to turn the hearts of men against the son.  He convinced them the son was a criminal – and that he should die.

The son did not want to endure the death the stranger had stirred up for him, but he knew something the stranger did not.  That his death would break the curse. And in the end…because the King was so great, the son would live again.

The son was killed.  The curse was broken. 
The stranger thought he had won.

Then a voice rose up, the son lived again! And faith was released to the people - they remembered the King's goodness.  They began to pack up their homes and head for the Kingdom – back to their King.

And to this day, people continue to hear the message about  the King and moving home.  A great feast is being prepared for when the people return.  And still,  the King and the son wait in great expectation for their happily every after.

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