Who I Didn't Vote For

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 Posted by Katie

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I know that today, most folks are buzzing about President Obama securing four more years of leadership of our country. (Congratulations, Mr. President!) However, I’d like to buzz about something else. I heard a sermon this Sunday via live feed from First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, by Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., who expressed his gratitude that we didn’t have to re-elect God.

Me too.

And because my life’s leadership comes from three different, but connected sources, my gratitude is three-fold.

I am grateful for God the Father. I am grateful that I am his intentional creation, His subject, and His daughter. I am grateful that He gave me life, a Kingdom to be a part of, and a love for me so deep that he takes care of me like a Dad should.

I am grateful for Jesus. I am grateful that He made it possible to relate to God as a friend would regard a friend. I am grateful He tore that old curtain in two (Mark 15:38). I am grateful that he walked, talked, loved and lost, just like me. I am grateful that he walks, talks, and loves today.

I am grateful for the Holy Spirit. I am grateful that its mysterious presence in my heart is what gives me the ability to forgive, endure, grow, change, and evolve. I am grateful that the Counselor is there to give my heart hope and peace beyond all reason.

Most of all, I am grateful that I don’t have to decide between the leadership of these three persons, now or ever. I will be led and loved by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all the days of my life (this one and the next).


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