Monday, November 26, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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I am a recovering self-aholic.

There was a time when I really did think it was all about me. I was my first and last thought. My needs determined my decisions. I cared deeply about what people thought about me. Protecting mySELF was my number one goal.

Then, I got married.
Then, I had children.
Then, I grew up.
Then, Jesus gave me a good shaking.

Then, Jesus showed me a better way.

During an intense self-aholic detox program, I discovered how my preoccupation with ME was robbing me of real life. I was missing out on opportunities to really connect with others and squandering a chance to fully live for Jesus. So, I died.

To self,

To self-centeredness,

To self-protection,

To self pity,

To self-preservation,

and found a "me" that was pretty stinking cool to be around. Now, that "me" lives by dying daily to all the self-stuff that had trapped me before. Who would have thought I'd become a better me by giving up mySELF? What a way to live!

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