He Said She Said

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 Posted by Katie

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Your thoughts are powerful. Thoughts, if you let them, can change the direction your life takes. That is why folks who bear the burden of depression, like me, must tread carefully with their own thoughts.

There must come a point in the life of a person who struggles with depression, when they realize they cannot always trust their own thoughts. They must take what they say to themselves with a grain of salt when depression lingers. They cannot fully base decisions or general life impressions on how they feel, because their feeling “processor” is broken. It is a frustrating thing to live this way, knowing that you cannot simply think things through as you were designed to do.

Depression is frustrating, but it doesn't have to carry power over the direction your life takes. I like to think I am the captain of my own ship and depending on the direction I wish to go, I can decide which wind I want to fill my sails. Will it be my own? Will I huff and puff and attempt to let the hot air coming out of my own irrational mouth and heart fill the sails of my life? Or will I sit back, shut up and position my sails to catch the current of His steady, true and powerful thoughts?

Here is what I know: Depressive or self-defeating thoughts can get a little noisy for my tastes and I don’t like the direction they take me. Instead, I have come to rather enjoy the quiet of a true sailing adventure, myself.  When faced with the question of which wind will fill my sails, my answer must always be, “What He said.”


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