Why Jesus?

Thursday, October 04, 2012 Posted by Sara

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Because even in my unbelief, He not only believes in me – He believes the best of me.
Because He’s patient with me
Because He loves me while I’m in process and struggling to know or understand all the answers
Because He remains near, even when I want to draw away
Because when I read the Bible and studied other religions, nothing gave me life like coming into contact with this man called Jesus
Because His Truth brought clarity to the rest of my life
Because He’s shown me He still speaks today
Because He loves people, without condition
Because no other prophet or would be deity laid down their life for me and raised themself back from the dead
Because no other religion speaks of grace
Because archeologists continue to uncover the Truth of God’s word through their discoveries
Because science continues to marvel with the evidence of purpose and design in life
Because He continues to show me in the most miniscule and expansive ways – that He is listening and present
Because He cares about my questions
Because He loved me first
Because He continues to pursue me
Because in Him, through Him and by Him - my life has purpose

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