People Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Best Friend

Thursday, October 04, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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When I was 15 my friend, Dawn, introduced me to this guy.  I thought he was kind of a mysterious goody-goody whom I had to address as, “Thou Great Holy Master,” but Dawn talked about him like he was just another friend.  I realized I had him pegged all wrong and once I did that, he started to sound pretty cool.  

She told me how he is this all-knowing, all-seeing, full-of-all-love guy.  In fact, he was SO full of all love that he allowed himself to be killed in the most heinous way, hung on a cross, just so we could be with him in Heaven.  I should have to pay for all of the bad stuff I’ve done throughout my life, but he paid for me.  How could you not love a guy like that?  The VERY least I could do to show my gratitude for this totally undeserved act was give him all of me—heart, mind, soul and strength. 

Best.  Decision.  Ever. 

What is super cool is that’s just the beginning.  After he died on the cross to pay for our sin he rose from the grave, conquering death to bring us eternal life.  Eternity with someone I love, who loves me more than I can begin to understand?  Yes, please!

What is even MORE super cool is that eternity starts now.  We are walking through my life together, hand in hand.  He won’t ever leave me.  Of course, I am free to let go of his hand, but that’s not happening.  That means we will stay close to each other.  When I trip, I can only fall so far because he picks me up and steadies me. 

Don’t’ get me wrong.  Living for him is NOT easy.  I don’t always understand his ways, and sometimes it really, really hurts.  But he’s got me.  I might get a skinned knee, but I won’t be doing a face plant.

Jesus loves me.  This.  I.  Know.

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