Journey to a Touch

Monday, October 08, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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It was a normal morning when she noticed the first symptom. It was initially pretty mild, so there wasn't much cause for concern. As the days passed, she noticed the symptoms were beginning to increase. She moved from concern to worry, then to anxiety as she left the doctors office the first time.

We know her as simply, "the woman with the issue of blood." No name, no other identifying characteristics, just that one phrase to introduce us to a woman who would help increase our faith. If I had a time portal, it's her timeline I would invade. I'd love to walk with her from diagnosis to deliverance. I'd love to discover where such great faith comes from.

I imagine that after she left the first doctor, her anxiety morphed into to anger. No moving through the five stages of grief for her though, this anger simply propelled her forward. And on she went, from  doctor to doctor, through every dime she had for 12 years, until He came close--close enough for her to touch.

I would love to walk through that crowd with her, watching her push through, determined to reach the Master. The spectacle. The commotion. The healing. The gratitude. I'd love to stand on that spot where desperate perseverance collided with divine power. I'd definitely call that a journey of epic proportions.

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