Into Marvelous Light

Thursday, October 11, 2012 Posted by Sara

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Just another day.  Letters tucked into his waistband, he was ready for another day at the “office”.  It was time to round up another huddle of pesky Christians. 

And then, somewhere on the road to Damascus, Saul ran smack dab into Marvelous Light.  His ears and eyes were opened to the Truth and the greatest persecutor of all-things-Jesus, became His greatest advocate, landing himself a new name.

Paul’s provoking transformation reassures me of two things: God can use anyone to do His mighty works, and transitions are opportunities for encounter.

These are truths I cling to at the moment while walking into a season of transitions, and questioning – am I on the right path, Lord?  Paul was not exactly on what we’d call a “good path”, but it mattered little to Jesus.  God’s jealousy for us is great, and He will position Himself as we journey that we may meet Him and be transformed.

Paul’s journey continues to encourage my heart: God does not call those who are qualified, but qualifies those who are called.

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