Corrie Ten Boom

Sunday, September 09, 2012 Posted by Joline

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I have the good fortune of being the first writer each week for Daily Fast Fuel. Which means, I get to choose Corrie Ten Boom as the person in history, I would most like to interview.

I KNOW a collective "Ahh, come on Jo!" was just moaned by my fellow writers, who no doubt thought about her as I did. Early bird, gals. Early bird.

If you do not know Corrie's story, it's time for you to pick up The Hiding Place and gobble it up.

But I would ask Corrie a very simple question, because I believe our somewhat emotionally unhealthy Church (yep, I went there) needs to hear from someone who endured a Nazi work camp, AND, ultimately offered FORGIVENESS to a guard who held her prisoner in that hellish place.

"Corrie, what do you say to someone who has been hurt in the church environment one to many times? For even in a place that is supposed to be wrought with healing, there are those who are still hurting, feel unloved, judged, and disregarded. What do you say to them?"

I imagine her, in a most gracious way, sharing her imprisonment with me - not to "throw it in my face", or to defend her situation as being so much more grave than some hurt feelings, but to remind me of a truth that should resound in ALL situations of hurt and shame.

“Forgiveness is an act of the will, and the will can function regardless of the temperature of the heart.” 

She mechanically thrust her hand into that of her former captives without emotion. "Woodenly," she recounts - obediently choosing the ACT of forgiveness as Jesus commanded and allowing Him to do the rest. A wonderful account of this can be found here.

Corrie, would remind us that forgiveness is an action. Not a feeling. But, rather, an acknowledgement that God loves both us, and the person who has wronged us.

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