Time for Me

Monday, July 16, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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Me time.

There's not much time for it.

I blog, I mom, I wife, I serve and I wear myself out on a regular basis.

There is always something to do or someone who needs me, and the temptation to try to do it all is always looming. It would be really easy to ignore my own needs for the sake of everyone else's, but I've learned there is great danger in living that way.

As with any temptation I face, I look for the Lord to show me the escape He's made for me. It's usually in the form of a long shower, an afternoon nap or even a funny movie that I enjoy all by myself.  Sometimes it's a trip to the spa, coffee alone or some couch-potato time in my pajamas. It all adds up to regular moments set aside for me to completely disconnect, refuel and refresh all by my lonesome.

I love those times; times when I'm the only one on my mind and no one else is allowed. Those times prepare me to face the times when things are busy and people need what I've got. I've learned to make those times a priority, and while they might not be overtly spiritual, they make living a full life a whole lot easier.

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