Appointments with God--Five Minutes at a Time

Thursday, July 05, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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There are too many variables in my life for me to stick to any kind of detailed daily schedule.   I think God has done this on purpose, trying to grow trust and flexibility in me.  Unfortunately, my inner organizer/planner (okay, control freak) wants to scream, “NOOOO!  I want it THIS way!”  It’s taken me a long while but finally I am learning to take my day five minutes at a time.    

The result, at least as far as time with Jesus goes, is many little appointments rather than one big one.

I listen to the Bible as I’m getting ready in the morning.  I keep the wonderful little devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young in a prominent place so I can whip it out and read when I have a second (thanks, Penny!).  I listen to the Ransomed Heart podcast as I’m changing bed linens.  I often play uplifting music in the car.  My sweet friend Jael and I trade verses on Facebook.  And naturally there are the blogs and newsletters I follow (Daily Fast Fuel chief among them, of course).
But knowledge means nothing unless it’s leading into a more intimate relationship with Jesus.  Knowing about him is very different from knowing him. 

To that end I am learning to, in the words of Brother Lawrence, practice the presence of Jesus.  I’m taking little moments as I can, trying to quiet myself (NO easy feat) and listen and just be with him.  Sometimes I simply of check in, maybe saying something like:  “Hi Jesus.  I love you.  Thank you for ________.  I invite you into this circumstance.  Your will be done.  I trust you.  I ask healing/comfort/wisdom/strength for __________.”   Of course, there is also the ever popular, “What do you have for me in the next 5 minutes?” 

I invite Jesus to join me through the day.   For me, the small, flexible appointments seem to work the best.

Wait.  Did I just say flexible?  Hmmm…maybe I am learning something.

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