Discipline in Community

Sunday, May 06, 2012 Posted by Joline

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I'm a fan of community.

I worship in a community.
I exercise in a community (both in person and online in a larger cyber-community).
I discuss books in community.
I fellowship in a small group community.
I eat meals in community.
I even drink a little wine in community.

However, it may come to your surprise to find out that while I find myself in community often, I actually CRAVE being alone. I work from home. But unless I'm on the phone, it is quiet - except for neighborhood noise. No TV in the background. I rarely even play music. I like to be by myself.

Only, I have learned that there are some habits (or lack thereof) that I just can't seem to tackle alone. And that's when I go hunting for the appropriate community for help.


I mentioned in one of my older posts that prayer is a discipline which foils me. I've always struggled with it. Thus, to insure that I was practicing this discipline into my life, I purposely set up a weekly prayer group with me and three friends whose walks with God I admire, am challenged by, and with whom I can be all me.

There is discipline in community.

And take daily devotions. The summer can be trickier for us with kids out of school, so for two years now, I've made it a habit of choosing a summer devotional for our Mom 2 Mom group specifically for the summer months. Something that is read everyday. And to keep me even more on track - I send out a brief daily email with what God taught me that particular day. If that doesn't keep a girl consistent, I don't know what will.

There is discipline in community.

Have you tried NOT attempting difficult things alone? I highly recommend joining a huddle!

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