Cardio Conditioning: Heartstorming

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Posted by Joline

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We all know about brainstorming: spontaneously rattling off ideas without pausing to censor or critique the outflow during the process of creating the list.

But, "heartstorming"?

Confession: consistent prayer has always been difficult for me. I have tried several "systems" by which to develop this discipline in my life, and none of them seem to stick. While organically I seem to be in a state of prayer all day, and don't hesitate to stop during the day to do so, it's the CONCENTRATED EFFORT, the 5/10K long-distance prayers, that seem to allude me. Which, for a person who craves detail, organization, and thrives on a dedicated schedule, seems a bit odd. Go figure. I baffle myself.

As I sat in silence on Monday, God told me to "heartstorm". Before I could ask what He meant, my pen started flying. There, weighing on my heart, were snapshots of people who needed prayer. I wrote down their names with a brief description of what was needed. I didn't stop to question what I was writing. I just did as I was told and didn't think about it as I went. As I wrote down each name and request, I was sure it would be the last on the list, and that I'd face difficulty adding another, for truly my mind was blank. And yet, just as my pen would reach the last letter, a new name would be brought directly to my attention.

Oh. My. Word. How. Does. He. Do. That?

Some people think that we alter God's will and plans through prayer, but it is actually our hearts that are changed. The unfulfilled potential of our soul is ever striving to reach beyond the limitations of this imperfect life. When a bird first lays her eggs and begins to brood and warm them, there is only formless liquid inside. But as the mother continues to cover them with her own body, the liquid inside is transformed. It becomes solid and takes on the form of the mother. Similarly, our prayer does not change God. Rather, it is we who are transformed into the glory and image of God. ~Sadhu Sundar Singh

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