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Thursday, April 19, 2012 Posted by Debbie Legg

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I don’t remember where I was.  I don’t know when it was.  That’s odd because you usually remember life-altering moments quite vividly.  I do remember feeling bored and weary in my life.  I remember asking both myself and God, sort of half-praying, “Is this all there is?  There has to be more.  Jesus came so we can have an abundant life.  I want that.”

Soon after, I began listening to the Daily Audio Bible.  Regular time in God’s Word has a way of transforming a life. 

Then things I’d never imagined started happening.  I paddled a kayak.  I started writing and acting in skits for Ladies’ Day.  Talk Your Legg Off Productions and “Who Does He Think He Is?” were born.  Daily Fast Fuel was launched.  I discovered a talent and passion for playing drums. 

All of the things that today bring me life, outside of my family and friends, came after that half-prayer.  It wasn’t some big magical thing.  All I did was open a door, just a crack, and say, “Hello?  Is anybody home?” 

Do you want an abundant life?  This is what I know: 
1)  God’s Word.  Get in it.  Let it get into you.  Get all you can out of it.  There is no abundant life apart from it.  Period. 
2)  It will not look anything like you imagine.  It will be infinitely better.
3)  You have to choose it.  You have to expect it.  It’s called faith.  You have some.  Go with it.
4)  There will be opposition.  It’s no coincidence that in John 10:10, right before Jesus says, “I have come so that they might have life, and have it in abundance,” he says, “The enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy.

The enemy doesn’t only want to steal your life.  He doesn’t only want to kill you.  He wants to destroy you.  Jesus came to give back your life.  To bring LIFE to your life.  To restore your life to what it is meant to be.  
Doors are waiting to be unlocked.  If we ask, they will be opened.  

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