Pack For A Move

Monday, April 30, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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11 moves in 18 years. I know a little bit about packing. Purge, then pack. Pad, wrap, seal. If there’s a secret tip to getting the job done, I’ve uncovered it.

I’ve become quite efficient at packing, but I totally prefer those times when movers come in and take care of it. When it comes to doing the work of clearing things out, I’d honestly rather pass.

What I do enjoy, however, is the opportunity to see what I’ve accumulated and decide whether it’s worth taking to our new home. There are things we’ve outgrown, things we don’t use, things that won’t fit in the new place, and of course, things we just no longer need.

It’s a picture of the process the Lord takes me through with each move. As He transitions me to a new place, He does his own version of “purge, then pack,” helping me get rid of the stuff I don’t need and filling me with what I’ll need for the next season. He’s so careful as He packs—wrapping up the fragile parts and putting a little extra padding around the areas that could easily be harmed. He puts things in order as he prepares my bubble-wrapped heart for the journey, all to make certain that I’ll enter the next season equipped to do the work. 

As I face move #12 (yes, really), I do so with the same disdain for packing my stuff and the same expectation for God to pack ME well. And, although this move is just up the road a piece, the Lord is working in the same ways He’s done 11 times before. My prayer is that you’ll see His hand extended in your transitions in much the same way. He’s quite an experienced packer, and He guarantees to get you to your destination in one piece!

“And he moved from there to the mountain east of Bethel, and he pitched his tent with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east; there he built an altar to the LORD and called on the name of the Lord.” Genesis 12:8 NKJV

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