Day One of Three: Crucifixion

Monday, April 02, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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MP900402718[1]Recently, I had three full days to myself. No family. No responsibilities. Just me, myself and I. I’d mentioned to God that I really wanted Him to use those three days to move in my life, but as I processed that thought through my flesh-filter, I began to doubt.

I actually thought to myself, “What could He possibly do in three days?” I had to literally laugh out loud when He flashed the most monumental three days ever before my eyes. It was definitely a “duh” moment as I thought of the three days between Jesus’ death and resurrection. How silly of me to minimize (yet again!) what He’s capable of.

I started day one of three with real anticipation. Surprisingly, the theme of the day ended up being His reign and my submission (or lack thereof). I began to think about day one of three for Jesus as He faced crucifixion. I was struck this time, not by the love He showed for me, but by His submission to the Father, even to the point of death. 

His suffering was an act of submission, and as I let that sink in deep, I realized that in stark contrast to that, I typically see submission as a form of suffering. I often balk at even the smallest things the Lord is asking me to do. My eyes are always on the pain submission might cause and not the power that results when I choose to obey. I’m so glad Jesus didn’t see things that way.

So, as I contemplate the crucifixion, I’m compelled to repent for my perception. I’m also thankful that on that first of three days, Jesus remained committed to the Father’s will knowing exactly what it would cost. He knew the pain involved, but did not let that prevent Him from obeying. I’m in awe of His commitment to submission. My heart longs to do the same.

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