Fooled by Desires

Monday, February 27, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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Ace of heartsI have tried to fool the Lord.

I’ve told Him He was my primary desire. I’ve sung songs telling Him that my desire for Him beats all. I’ve tried to convince Him that I desire Him and Him alone.

But it turns out, I’ve only been fooling myself.

He’s on to me. He knows that all too often, my greatest desire has ME smack dab in the center of it. He knows that as much as I desire Him, I also desire being rewarded, being noticed, being acknowledged, being blessed and being #1. He knows my desire for those things places a sky-scraper-sized barrier between my heart and His. He also knows exactly how to penetrate that barrier and reach me right where I am.

Yep, He knows. He’s aware of the foolishness of my often misplaced desire, but refuses to let that change His desire for me. He still calls out. He still loves. He still accepts. He still forgives.

And, while I definitely get a little too comfortable wallowing in my wayward desires, I know enough to respond when He nudges me to repent. I know that nothing else I desire can bring me the life I experience in knowing Him and nothing in this life deserves my desire more than that.


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