Desirable Plans

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Posted by Sara

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Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.” Pslam 37:4 (Amplified)

There she blows.  That old familiar verse.
The beauty of cause and effect, persuading me to think God might just be like a great vending machine in the sky.
It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? 
Delighting myself in the Lord = get what I want.
Simple. The key to every desire fulfilled.
Just have to delight myself in the Lord. 
I need a plan…

Day one: Big fat desire to be married.  
Delightful plans- morning devo, read about Issac and Rebekah, Ruth and Boaz, and of course Proverbs 31.  Fast through lunch and pray for my future spouse. Worship for a few hours.  Google wedding ideas because with all this delighting I’m sure he’s on his way.
Day two: Bigger fatter desire to be married.
Delightful plans- Contemplate the dreaminess of King David while memorizing a psalm or two, fast lunch again, write a worship song dedicated to my future spouse, and book a church.  What? I’m delighting…it’s a step of faith.
Day three: Desire to be married and wondering what the hold up is.
Delightful plans – Repent for not delighting enough. Fast Breakfast. Take communion. Fast lunch. Eat lunch. Maybe buy some ice cream. Listen to online sermon. Pray for the grace to delight even more. Journal. Journal. Journal. Have Bible study pray over me to have more faith and more delight in the Lord.
Day four: No hubby yet. Is my formula flawed? Desire to know what delighting myself in the Lord really means.
Delightful plans - Go for a walk. Tell God about my week.  Ask Him what He thinks of it all.  Listen. Have lunch with a friend.  Thank God for the friends in my life. Edit a few stories, cause I just like writing.  Thank God for time to do the things I enjoy. 
Day five: Still single. Desire to connect with friend again and set deadline to finish editing.
Delightful plans - Thank God and pray for my day. 
Day six: Finding my study of John fascinating. Single, but appreciating the time I have for study and writing.
Delightful plans – Word study in John.  Writing in my prayer journal.  Venturing off to find a beautiful place to bring a coffee and just sit with Jesus. Dancing with friends.
Day seven: Wondering what blessings and new things God has for me this week.
Delightful plans – Delighting in Him.

This verse for me has become evidence of the existence of Jehovah Sneaky.  Strangely, as I delight myself in the Lord, spending time with Him and enjoying the things He has for me in the day to day – I start to hunger for Him more.  He becomes my great desire.  I think, perhaps,  He invites us to delight in Him, so that ultimately we can be satisfied in Him.  Sneaky.  

Delighting yourself in the Lord = receiving the desires of your heart.
Because He = your greatest desire.

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