Deliberate Diversity

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Posted by Unknown

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diversity at Daily Fast FuelFive of these kids belong together. Five of these kids are kinda the same.  Can you tell me which kids belong together? Now it’s time to play our game. It’s time to play our game.

One of these kids is doing her own thing. C’mon, can you tell me which one? Can you guess which kid is doing her own thing? Guess before my song is done...before my song is done.

If you’re humming along to that song, you must have watched just as much Sesame Street as I did growing up. I learned so much from watching that iconic show, and I don’t think there was a cast that diverse anywhere else on T.V.

Perhaps that’s why the song popped in my head as I planned this post. Maybe it somehow helped shape my views on diversity. Maybe it’s just because I’m the DFF kid who’s not quite the same (and maybe, I just watched too much television as a kid).

Actually, I really did recall the song as I thought about this wonderful group of writers and so many other groups I’ve belonged to as an adult. I have grown quite accustomed to being that little dash of pepper in a bowl of salt, and I’ve also become very deliberate in my attempts to seek that out. I look for opportunities to mix in with salt, cayenne, curry, pepper and whatever flavor you bring to the table. There’s just something special about blending seasonings together, and I can only imagine the aroma it creates for the Lord.

I like to think I’m preparing for heaven. I’ve heard people from every tribe, tongue, nation (and flavor) will be hanging out there. Might as well get some practice in now, eh? How can you be more deliberate about making that happen?

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