Through a Child's Eyes

Thursday, November 17, 2011 Posted by Angie

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Like most people these days, we’ve been watching our budget and haven’t had a lot of extra money to take a family vacation. The boys have been very patient as they’ve listened to their friends talk about going to Disneyworld, or all the other fantastic places they’ve visited.  Bobby and I really want to bless our kids someday with a great family get away.

However, through the eyes of a child (especially my youngest son), fellowship has much more to do with how you’re spending time with them, than where you’re together.
Through an adults eyes (say, my husband or myself), it doesn’t seem nearly as exciting to throw ball in the yard, jump on the trampoline, or have “family movie” night – as it does to surprise them with a trip that cost a lot of money.  However, I am convinced that when they're older and look back, those are the very things they will remember as being the best of their childhood.

Sometimes I think God looks at fellowship the same as my kids. I may feel like I can’t spend quality time with Him if it’s not in my “prayer closet”. Perhaps I can’t spend an hour or more in praise & worship each day.  I shouldn’t feel like I need to be in church to really experience His presence. God just wants to be with us…He longs to fellowship with us in our prayer closet, in church, during our own personal praise & worship (however long it may be), but also…while we’re driving down the road, under our breath at the grocery store, before we eat a meal with friends, when we get ready to lie down at night, and when we first open our eyes each day...
It’s not so much about where, but how we fellowship with Him.

So I urge you to look at spending time with God through the eyes of a child – as His Child – and enjoy fellowshipping with your Heavenly Father all throughout the day.

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