Measure Twice, Pour Once

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 Posted by Debbie Legg

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“I’ve got all of the utensils I need.  I’ve preheated the oven and greased the pan.  I have gathered all of the ingredients.  Now it’s time to start putting these brownies together. 

“I’ll go ahead and mix the dry ingredients.  Measuring the 1/3 cup of cocoa…”

“Debbie, just a second.  How are you measuring the cocoa?”

“I’m dumping some cocoa into this measuring thingy that says 1/3 cup, Lord.”

“Beloved, it’s not only about WHAT you measure, but HOW you measure.  The brownies will not be as delicious as they could be if you measure incorrectly.  You have a lot of cocoa peeking out over the top of the measuring cup.  The recipe does not call for a heaping 1/3 cup, but a straight 1/3 cup.  Cocoa by itself has a bitter taste.  This recipe calls for just enough sugar to sweeten the cocoa.  If you measure incorrectly, if you have too much cocoa and not enough sugar, the brownies will be bitter-tasting.”

“We can’t have that!  Lord, how do I measure correctly?”

“For measuring dry ingredients, run the flat side of the kitchen knife across the top of the cup.  This pushes off the excess cocoa, giving you the correct measurement.

“For measuring in life, as when I want you to share about Me, tell about Me in love, not in judgment.  HOW you tell others about Me is as important as the fact that you DO tell others about Me.”

“Okay, Lord, so it is not enough for me to say, ‘It’s God’s will that I make brownies today,’ I must also seek You for HOW you would have me accomplish the task.  It’s always a good idea to ask the next question.”

“Exactly, Debbie.  Let’s finish measuring and mixing and get these brownies in the oven!  I’m so excited to share them with you!”

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