Warm-up: Sit Still

Sunday, August 28, 2011 Posted by Joline

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So knowing me as you do, I bet you thought I'd just launch into a 3-step approach to conquering the spiritual disciplines with which I struggle.

After-all, that IS my usual M.O.

Not this time. Perhaps this may sound a bit Yoda-like, but I have no question that God is calling me to start my spiritual discipline journey by . . . sitting still.

Doing nothing. While quiet. Or, if you want to get spiritual about it:

Practicing Silence & Solitude.

Don't get me on my soap-box about this. Oops, too late. Already there. I'm not all together sure that American churches understand the discipline of silence. I mean when do we ever really "zip it" during a worship service? Except maybe for a few moments of reflection? A discipline doesn't just "happen", it must be cultivated. I, for one, would love to see what would happen on a Sunday morning if the congregation showed up to a completely quiet sanctuary. Would there be panic? Anger? Confusion? Relief?

I am not a quiet person. Even when I'm quiet. (Does that make sense?) And yet, I crave quiet.

This is where I will begin. In silence. Alone. No bible. No music. No book to guide me. Just me. A journal. And a pen - to record what I hear from God. No direction other than what He shares with me in the silence.

"At all times, but especially in the beginning, we need to find a specific time and place to nurture silence." (Inward Simplicity: The Divine Center, Part II Richard J. Foster)

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