The Power of a Praying Wife

Monday, July 18, 2011 Posted by Joline

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Perhaps the overall title of my posts for this week should be, "Devotionals I Have Never Wanted to Read."

This is one of them.

I'd been married close to 17 years before I ever had an inkling to be involved in a ministry for Moms. I've never like "affinity" groups, opting for groups that had participants of all ages and stages, so hanging in a bible study with Moms just never appealed to me. Nor did "Mom" books. 

Only, God threw me a curve and told me get involved at MomsRUs at my former church, so I obeyed. And, while there, I met the most wonderful women, several of whom continue to be influential in my life.

One, a mother of 8, suggested this book to me. Three times.

It was only after I moved away, and was settled here in Pittsburgh, that I obeyed God's word spoken through her. And, as is my M.O., I chose not to go it alone and challenged my new Mom to Mom group here to experience it along with me. 

I realize that I've now suggested two devotionals for wives, while many of you out there may still be single. And male. Trust me - that's all you'll get out of me in the female devotional department. All done.

Come back tomorrow, as I share a classic with you . . . one for men, women, married, single, old, young. 
Blonde. Brunette. And, OK, even Gingers.

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