The Practice of the Presence of God

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Posted by Joline

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Yesterday I promised I wouldn't write any more posts about devotionals for moms and wives.

Well, not specifically designed for them (us).

Only, this one, a classic, would certainly be fitting for those who live such roles everyday.

As well as everyone else.

I first read Brother Lawrence's work back in the 1995, and couldn't chew on it fast enough. For while I was chomping at the bit to acquire everything he was sharing, it was a challenging course! Pretty meaty.

This isn't fluff. What I appreciate most about BL is his desire to live in a conscious awareness of the presence of God throughout his entire day - in every thought, deed, and action. It was this very book that encouraged me to live "blink by blink" as I call it. Seeing, hearing, and experiencing God not every hour or minute, but "blink by blink". If  you knew me while at Trinity, you heard me speak of this.

It's a thin book, but don't let that fool you. This is no appetizer.

Chew slowly. Swallow. And digest.


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