The Mountain Views of Isaiah 43

Wednesday, May 04, 2011 Posted by Katie

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"I can’t see you.” That’s what I told Him. I was already talking to Him as I headed to our spot. Our “spot” was a quiet place with a great view of the mountains. The view always reminded me of Him. That’s why I loved to talk with Him there. When I looked out at those mountains, He felt close and I felt comforted.

I had been traveling through a tough season. I felt like I was losing direction and I didn’t know where He wanted me to be. “What do I do, Lord?” I asked. I looked up, seeking comfort from Him in our special place, and there it was.


No mountain. No vista. No answers. No comfort. Just fog.

It felt like I was looking at a panorama of my life. I hung my head in disappointment. Well that figures…sigh.

What do I do now, Lord? I need you! I need direction. I need comfort. I need clarity. I need to see you! And I can’t for all the “fog” in my life. And, despite my best efforts to focus on You,

I. Can’t. Move. The. Fog!

And just like that, deep within me, I heard a voice say, “Katie, my child, then it’s a good thing you know someone who can move mountains.”

Word to the wise: If you spend enough time in the “mountains”, you might just start hearing voices.

I pray that it will be so.

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. – Isaiah 43:1

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