She Will Wear White

Thursday, June 05, 2014 Posted by Lisa

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Pornography, deception, gambling, addiction, theft, murder. Sounds like words used to describe the latest crime novel. Unfortunately, these same words could be used to describe any number of raging church scandals across the globe.

As you read the headlines and your heart pours out in tears, you may be tempted to storm Heaven’s gates and demand an answer to "when will it stop!" And you would be well within reason. Been there.

But there was a moment when Spirit spoke to spirit and I heard “The Bride of Christ will not be defiled”. I stopped to reflect on those words and weighed them against words of Scripture.
“…God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

In our free will, we are given the freedom to cause harm to ourselves and as a result we hurt others because the fact of the matter is we are not alone. What we do in the privacy of our homes, does have a ripple effect on all those in our lives. And when those of us who practice in darkness are members of the Church body, especially in positions of authority, God will not tolerate it.

The Father loves His Son. His Son paid a high ransom for His Bride and She will not be defiled in any manner by anyone.  If there is anyone who has attached himself or herself to His Bride who needs the cleansing, healing balm of light…they will be exposed. Thankfully, Father God loves us too. He will not bring shame onto the repentant. He is the Surgeon who removes and the Healer who brings wholeness.

It is only those who refuse to see and are blind because of darkness that God chooses to expose in the most shocking of circumstances.

The next time there is a report of abuse within the Church, I will give thanks. I will give thanks that I turn to Him quickly when He reveals my sin to me. And I will give thanks that God will not tolerate any harm that threatens His Bride. 

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