Help Overcoming Perils Eventually

Saturday, May 03, 2014 Posted by Anonymous

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You’re stuck. The walls of safety caved in. Your spouse has cancer; your teenage is cutting; your boss just laid you off. Your mind tells you to get out of bed; your heart can’t beat just yet. Friends say, “Remember, there’s always hope.” Really? Why can’t I feel it? You ask aimlessly.

This week the gals at dailyfastfuel will reflect on what life in Christ has taught us about Hope. Why do we need it? How have we seen it work in our lives? Where does it come from?

It’s not a feeling (happiness); it’s not a given (forced); but it is a Person, “For You are my Hope, O Lord God . . . By You I have been upheld from my birth.” (Psalm 72: 5&6)

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