Basileus Basileon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Posted by Lisa

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Kings come and kings go. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. But One King I know abdicated His rightful throne to save His people -- the sick, the blind, the dying.

He entered this fleshly world full of kings who demand and force and imprison with works. Where the self-righteous bathed in judgmental pride, this King's compassion soaked His Spirit.

Because He knew. 

He knew wrongs had to be righted. He knew debts were to be paid. But the debt was too high. Nobody, not one, had the ability to pay what was owed on his own.

So one day when the time had come, this King made an entrance into the heaviest populated city during a time of celebration, not on a noble white horse adorned with jewels but on a lowly donkey and her colt. Those who loved Him, worshiped. Those who hated seethed with jealousy.

This King gathered His friends to celebrate what only He knew to be His last meal but instead of being served, He turned and washed His companions' feet.

That night He was betrayed and arrested and beat. He was then dressed with a purple robe, crowned with thorns and mocked as “King of the Jews!”

He died that day, much to the delight of many. The King’s enemies sensed victory and relief over a crucifixion well done. Hope had vanished from the grasp of those who loved the King and now the agony of grief was their new companion.

Sunday came with a death shattering victory. The KING rose from the depths and raised His banner.  Wailing turned into dancing and sackcloth into garments of joy. 

The King, OUR KING, has taken His rightful place. He showed His worth of the purple robe, He has spared no expense. He has paid the debt in full. He gave His life and shown the grave couldn't hold him.

Rejoice! I say it again, REJOICE! This King is King of kings and Lord of lords! His Name is Jesus and calls us to be heirs in His Kingdom!

Answer Him with a resounding YES!

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